Timothy Manchester

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Manchester

Mr. ManchesterAloha!

A BIT ABOUT WHO I AM: My wife, Cheryl Manchester, teaches at Tom Daniels Elementary School. We have four adult children, Jon Paul, Laura, Timothy, and Caleb, who live all over the United States. We have lived in Kerrville for seven years and we LOVE the Hill Country. In addition, I love students and computers, and Tally is the perfect place to experience both!

A BIT ABOUT MY LIFE WITH COMPUTERS: I have enjoyed computers since 1988--the first computer I used was the original Macintosh (9” amber screen, words only). The operating system environments I have worked with range from DOS 3.2 to today’s Windows10, I have worked with Microsoft Office, from the DOS 5.1 version to MS Office Pro 2016, as well as various online platforms. In addition, I have made simple repairs, replaced or upgraded parts, and enjoyed fine-tuning my computers. 

A BIT ABOUT WORKING AT TALLY: Tally is a wonderful workplace! Staff, students and the area are amazing. I love helping students learn proficiency in the computing world, whether it’s conquering word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, or considering learning how a computer works and computer programming. It is a pleasure watching their weekly progress at the Tally Elementary School Computer Lab!

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